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Digital Healthcare Technology: 5 New Developments

The past decade has been laden with some of the most progressive advancements in healthcare technology.  While challenges may remain, the future promises to be abounding with developments in digital healthcare. 

What is digital healthcare?

Digital healthcare is concept of implementing technology into medicine to improve processes and help diagnose and treat chronic and short-term illnesses.  The CDC has reported that 90% of the United States’ $3.5 trillion in annual healthcare expenditures is allocated to patients with chronic and mental health conditions.  While the entire world races towards solutions for affordable healthcare, digital telehealth solutions promise to address these cost issues, as well as improve treatment.

Exciting new digital healthcare technology

Internet of Things (IoT)

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a network of physical devices using connectivity to enable the exchange of data.  IoT enabled devices have made remote monitoring possible, reducing the length of a hospital stay and preventing re-admissions.  Through real time patient monitoring, these devices reduce costs, improve treatment, reduce errors, and enable proactive treatment.

Some of the latest digital healthcare tools that leverage Internet of Things (IoT) include:

  • Eversense Continuous Glucose Monitor – A tiny, implanted device that uses fluorescence technology to help diabetics continuously monitor their blood glucose levels by taking readings at regular intervals. A smart transmitter is worn over the sensor and powered the sensor wirelessly, while collecting the glucose data ad sends it to the Eversense Mobile App.
  • Propeller Health Smart Inhaler Sensor – Asthma impacts the lives of hundred of millions of people across the world. Smart connected inhalers give patients increased insight into their symptoms and treatment. Propeller Health has created a sensor that attaches to an inhaler, then sends data from the inhaler to its mobile app.  This conveniently allows patients to track what might be causing their symptoms, and also provides allergen forecasts.  Furthermore, Propeller Health has collaborated with Medical International Research (MIR) to provide smart spirometers, that function similarly to a traditional spirometer but send data to its mobile app.  This allows users to easily track their lung function measurements and track the progression of their disease.


Artificial intelligence (AI)

In the healthcare sector, AI would be used to perform a wide range of very specific tasks.  AI is the ability of computer algorithms to recognize patterns and create their own logic without human input.  In healthcare applications, the primary aim of AI would be to analyze the relationship between treatments or prevention techniques with the outcome of patients.  AI could also be used to track and support cost savings, patient satisfactory, and other operational initiatives. 

Some of the latest digital healthcare tools that leverage AI include:

  • MelaFind – A non-invasive toll used to help evaluate suspicious skin abnormalities. The device uses a sophisticated imaging system to photograph the skin abnormality, and then compare it to a database of 10,000 skin biopsies. AI algorithms then generate a simple diagnosis and help to guide dermatologists’ biopsy decisions. 
  • Medtronic – An AI enabled devices using an integrated system combining insulin pumps and Continuous Glucose Monitoring to help diabetics manage their condition more efficiently.
  • Abtrace – Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) remains one of the most significant ongoing threats to global health. An AI enabled device that prevents antimicrobial resistance and aids doctors in choosing the correct antibiotic and dosage for each patient.  AI analysis tracks data on dosages and success rates to prevent over-prescription or improper prescription, therefore preventing the development of resistant strains of bacteria through mutation.


Who are we?
AegisPPE is an FDA registered supplier of medical devices and personal protective equipment.  We are a family-owned and operated business, using a combination of modern technology, policies, and procedures that allow us to rival the larger corporations in this industry.  We work closely together with hospital GPO’s, as well as local and regional first responders.  Strategically placed locations around the world enable us to locate and secure products quickly while maintaining competitive pricing.

As COVID-19 continues its spread, healthcare systems are continuing to seek solutions to protect workers and patients.  At AegisPPE, we have been working diligently to meet the needs of these facilities.  Contact us today to request a quote!

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